Dr. Shweta Joshi

Principal Investigator

Dr. Joshi is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Pediatrics at UC San Diego and a member of the Moores Cancer Center. Dr. Joshi received her Ph.D. from Central Drug Research Institute, Lucknow, India. Following the completion of her Ph.D., she joined postdoc at the University of California, San Diego. During her postdoctoral fellowship, she focused her research on finding novel signaling pathways in macrophages that mediate tumor growth and immunosuppression.

About our lab

The Joshi lab is focused on understanding the cellular and molecular mechanisms that regulate the recruitment and activation of immunosuppressive myeloid cells in solid tumors. Cancer immunotherapy has recently revolutionized the field of cancer therapy. Despite the tremendous clinical success of immunotherapy over other cancer treatments, this approach has shown benefit to only some of the patients, while a significant fraction of patients do not respond to this therapy. Immunosuppressive myeloid cells and macrophages secrete several cytokines to promote immunosuppression and to dampen anti-tumor immune responses which leads to failure of immunotherapy. Our lab uses genetic mouse models and human patient samples to investigate the interactions between immune cells and tumors. Currently, we are using transgenic mouse models of pancreatic ductal adenocarcinoma and neuroblastoma to study the functional role of these innate immune cells in modulating the tumor microenvironment.

Lab News and Updates

Open positions are available:

Currently seeking highly motivated and dedicated researchers with experience in immunology, oncology, cell biology and molecular biology. Please send your queries regarding postdoc scholars, visiting scholars and volunteers to Shweta Joshi, shjoshi@health.ucsd.edu.