Dr. Shweta Joshi

Principal Investigator

Dr. Joshi is an Assistant Professor in the department of Pediatrics at UC San Diego and member of Moores Cancer Center. Dr. Joshi received her PhD from Central Drug Research Institute, Lucknow, India. Following completion of her PhD, she joined postdoc at University of California, San Diego. During her postdoctoral fellowship she focused her research on finding novel signaling pathways in macrophages which mediates tumor growth and immunosuppression.

About our lab

The primary goal of our research is to understand molecular mechanisms regulating tumor growth, inflammation and metastasis. Our laboratory is focused on the study of signaling cascades that regulate recruitment and activation of immunosuppressive macrophages in solid tumors with special focus on neuroblastoma and pancreatic adenocarcinoma. Current projects in our lab are focussed on investigating 1) the mechanisms which promote the recruitment of macrophages in MYCN amplified and non-MYCN amplified neuroblastoma tumors 2) if macrophage targeted therapies in combination with immune checkpoint inhibitors or radiotherapy can improve survival of patients in neuroblastoma. In parallel 3) we are exploring the role of Syk kinase in progression of pancreatic carcinoma.

Lab News and Updates

Open positions are available:

Currently seeking highly motivated and dedicated researchers with experience in immunology, oncology, cell biology and molecular biology. Please send your queries regarding postdoc scholars, visiting scholars and volunteers to Shweta Joshi, shjoshi@health.ucsd.edu.